Cant find the name of an horror movie

Hi everyone, so some years ago perhaps in 2017 or 2018, microsoft used to five a free rental movie every weekend or so on their movies app on xbox. One day there was an horror movie that they featured so i decided to watch it.
I want to know its name but i only remember some scenes, so lets go over them:

firstly if im not mistaken, the movie starts with 3 teenage girls going out on a road trip in their car, it starts happily but the dark and scary stuff come later, i remember them getting lost or something and then visiting some creepy village that was cursed or something, one girl manages to escape the village while the others got trapped maybe, but then she goes to the highway or maybe just a long road, a guy who is driving his car at very high speed doesnt notice her and hits her, he then takes her to an empty hospital and tries to help her, he didnt think that the hospital was empty but when he notices that he quickly tries to go outside only to find out that the door has been locked, and then someone starts to communicate with him over the phone i think to help him save the girl but eventually he fails i think and goes back to the door and the locks are not there so he gets in his car and drives off, some other scene had a guy visit a bar to pickup his girlfriend or sister i dont remember, but she didnt want to go and then they stop somewhere in a field and the guy gets dragged out of the car by mysterious humanoid creatures or something. Thats really all the scenes i remember. The 3 girls were white girls and the language i dont remember. The movie was not in black and out.

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