Can someone please tell me what’s the name of this movie

I’m looking for a film that is about a normal teenage girl with long blonde hair who has a normal life and later learns that her mother is missing and no one can find her. Later in the school she learns from a friend that she has powers and that she is a witch like her mother. Later she jumps from the balcony and turns into a crow (black bird) and tries to find and save her missing mother.

At the same time, political choices are made and the sect of the secession bus is exploded and publicly presented as a terrorist attack, the secret sect attempts to set up their man as mayor of the city.

At the end, the girl destroys the sect and saves her mother, but in fact, she’s not really her mother but a clone who has taken her mother’s look (one of the witches took her mother’s look to survive) .

The film was 2 or 3 parts. I watched it on TV. Language is English, it’s in color.

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