Cabin in the woods

I believe this movie is an independent movie. What I remember about the plot is a young pregnant woman’s car is broken down in woods and she travels through the woods to a cabin and stays there for shelter. A young man jasalso staying in the cabin which she finds out quickly. They are in the cabin about a day when another young woman happens upon the cabin and ends up staying with them. The three stay in the cabin for a few days when (my memory is somewhat fuzzy) a solider comes to the cabin and sees the other three. I believe the solider is German and the pregnant woman can speak some German. The occupants of the cabin realize that there are all related. The pregnant woman is the soldiers daughter, the other young woman is the pregnant woman’s baby and the young man is the other young woman’s son. Each occupant of the cabin is from a different era. I can’t recall any of the actors. Thank you for any help!

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