Butterfly hunters erotic movie in 90’s

I remember a movie. I might watched it between 94-98’s.

A man, probably a butterfly hunter, captured by a society that is formed only by women (beautiful girls) only. This society lives in jungle and have never seen a man before.
They tied him and benefit from him sexually.

This is an erotic movie as you can see.

I would be appreciated if you help me on this.

5 thoughts on “Butterfly hunters erotic movie in 90’s

  1. Thx for the guesses but no way to be the 1950’s film. It was coloured and not that old. Maybe 80’s at least.

    And the second guess andromina: the pleasure planet may be true but I’ve founded only the pictures of the film. As ı saw from the pictures the girls are different. The girls have wings (as far as I remember) in my movie. And nothing says about butterflies in andromina’s plot.
    And also it’s made in 1999. I am sure that I ve watched the movie before 1998

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