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weird character with a glove in cream

Hello everyone !

I remember a movie.

I probably watched it in the early 2000s. There was a character that wear gloves only for his one hand. And there is cream in this glove in order to soften his hand.

He probably uses his soft hand when he is making love his wife or maybe when he is abusing her.

The character was the bad character in the movie and he was powerful (I guess)


Butterfly hunters erotic movie in 90’s

I remember a movie. I might watched it between 94-98’s.

A man, probably a butterfly hunter, captured by a society that is formed only by women (beautiful girls) only. This society lives in jungle and have never seen a man before.
They tied him and benefit from him sexually.

This is an erotic movie as you can see.

I would be appreciated if you help me on this.