Brooklyn F*ckboy Doesn’t Learn a Lesson at the End (2005 -2015)

I saw this movie somewhere around 2014-16 and it was on NETFLIX. I feel like the release date was 2009 but erring on the side of caution I would say it could be anywhere from 2005-2015.

This was definitely an indie film and it was set in Brooklyn/NYC but mostly Brooklyn from what I could tell. The movie starts with him getting off what I think was the G train while he’s texting someone we later learn to be his ex-girlfriend.

The plot of this movie is that this guy is a f*ckboy. I wish I had more to offer in that respect but if there was more to it, I’d probably remember the movie. The main character is an average looking white guy who doesn’t fix his hair and hasn’t shaved in the last couple of days. He spends most of the movie running around trying to hook up with girls. All the while he’s trying to reach this ex-girlfriend who clearly does not want to talk to him because he’s hurt her.

Towards the end of the movie, he does meet up with her at a bar. I could be wrong about this part but she had some singing or poetry performance there that he showed up for. Anyway, they spoke for a minute and I guess he offered her some BS apology. But it works because she invites him back to her place.

The ending of the movie is the only part that sticks out in my mind and the only reason I’m sure I’m not imagining it. She opens the door to her building and they immediately start going at it. Then he barely pulls his pants below his butt before he raw dogs her for 1 – MAYBE 1.5 minutes before finishing. And then he just dips without saying a word! AND THAT’S THE END OF THE MOVIE.

Cinematic Masterpiece

So yeah this guy did not learn his lesson at all and frankly, neither did she.

If anything this film reminds me of a couple of movies: “White Girl” because Netflix had many indie movies like that at the time. Also “French Dirty” because the main characters have a similar brand of sleaziness. I hope someone knows this movie because that last scene keeps me up at night.

Thank you!

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