Bride of Frankenstein Type of Movie

I recall a Bride of Frankenstein type of movie that I’m trying to find the title of. It was probably made in 50’s or 60 and think it may have been a British movie.  A doctor  creates  a woman out of body parts. Later the assembled body is in a large glass case filled with some sort of fluid in the doctors laboratory. She comes to life and is very beautiful. The way the movie ends: there is a ball where the beautiful woman is attending. She’s either wearing some kind of choker necklace or high collar dress. Another woman who is with her in some sort of dressing room, sees a loose thread hanging behind her neck. She pulls it, trying to break it off, not realizing that it’s the thread holding the creatures head to her body. The beautiful woman cringes as the thread is being pulled. As the woman walks down the stairs, her head falls off and rolls to the feet of the guests.

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