Boy meets talking fox

I don’t remember much from this trailer they used to show on Cartoon Network (back when Cartoon Network actually was still Cartoon Network).

Anyway, all I can remember is that it was live-action, in color, one minute, a boy in the woods saw a fox and said with a smile on his face: “Hello, Fox (or Foxworth/Foxwood/Foxford not sure)” before moving along, and then, the next minute, the fox suddenly yet surprisingly spoke back: “Hello, boy.” in a rather ALMOST deep voice but with an intimidating tone and a smile on his face, which somehow shocked and surprised the boy afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Boy meets talking fox

  1. If it was live action, how did they render speech in the fox? Would you say CGI, puppetry, animatronics, etc.? Did they use a real fox?

    Was it a scene from the movie being advertised or a Cartoon Network show? I ask this because Cartoon Network used to make live action promos for their animated series quite often.

    How frequently did you see it? I ask this because movies would usually only be advertised for about a week before being shown.

    Also, why are you certain it was on Cartoon Network?

      1. What I just mentioned took place in the 2000’s WAY before any of the movies you have just suggested actually existed at all.

    1. I think CGI and a real fox.

      No, it wasn’t a movie scene being advertised or a CN show.

      I can’t remember how frequently did I see it.

      I’m certain it was on Cartoon Network because I used to watch Cartoon Network all the time as a kid and then they would put trailers of movies coming soon on different non-Cartoon Network movie channels when taking a break before the next Cartoon Network show came up.

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