Boy helps fairy with broken wing…

I remember watching this on TV when I was very young.

A boy takes in a fairy (or possibly a living toy) that has a broken wing, I think, I don’t really remember. She may have been caught in something, and he freed her. I particularly remember the ending where the fairy flies away as the boy watches from a window. The fairy may have been CGI or a puppet, I remember her face looked painted on, like a doll, and her body was shiny, possibly porcelain. It would have been a low budget film, the fairy wasn’t very convincing.

It may have been in a foreign language. It was in color, and definitely made prior to the mid 1990s.

5 thoughts on “Boy helps fairy with broken wing…

  1. I’m honestly in a state of utter disbelief. Thank you guys so much! Seriously, I was borderline considering that I just dreamt this whole thing up as a kid. Almost 30 years of not knowing what this was! This is a dream come true for me.

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