Boy getting an older brother from a drawing

So from what I remember there is a boy who has very busy parents who barely have any time for him. The scene that I remember has him on a plane where he’s on his way to meet one of them. He has a drawing book or coloring book where there’s a picture of a cartoon guy’s face and it starts talking to the boy. The scene is friendly, the boy likes talking to the man in the book and the man in their is very nurturing too. He then gets a chance to call his parents on the plane just to see how they’re doing but both of them are so busy that they can’t and so they hang up. The boy then goes to the plane’s bathroom and starts crying and that’s when the man in the book tells him hey don’t cry and he comes out that book as a normal looking grown man. After that he acts as the boy’s surrogate big brother where they both play with each other and the man is there for the boy when the parents are not. I remember that the movie had a family friendly tone to it, so it has to be either rated G pr PG. I think it came out either in the 90’s, early 2000’s, maybe late 80’s. It looked like a film that you would definitely find on VHS probably. I remember the ending credits scene showed them in a sunset and they were all silhouettes and it showed the boy and the man hanging out and getting the mail from the mailbox outside their house. There wasn’t any dialogue since it was the credits so there was a song playing.

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