Book, not movie. need title.

Since so many on here have good knowledge, I have an odd request. I cannot remember the title of a book of the paranormal/strange stories I bought years ago. I bought it around mid 90’s in Alaska. It contained several interesting stories. Here are some I remember well.

  1. Twins. One gets in car crash and sister sensed it. She drove or called cops and knew somehow where it was located. So she was rescued.
  2. A boy saw people’s aura and thought everyone else could see them till he got older. He said one day he noticed his mom’s aura had a change of red around her heart. He asked her to get checked. She did and doc say had illness or so which was fixable or preventable.

Guess that’s all I remember. I think there was maybe 10 stories. The cover was colorful. I recall red, yellow, black. It was not hard cover. I will be so happy to read this again as I forgotten most stories. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks I hope this post is ok to post. It being a book instead of a movie. Happy Saturday all movie geniuses. I will surely respond quickly. Lol

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