Boarding school murder and students who cheat on every test

So I watched this movie a long time ago (back in 2011) but I think the movie was older, maybe 1990s..

It’s set at a boy’s private boarding school. The movie starts with a group of schoolboys doing canoe discovering a dead classmate on the side of the river. Cut to 1 month earlier, where we follow a group of (maybe 4?) students (approx. 17 y-o) who get A+ on every test because they break in teacher’s offices every night to copy the answers. One day the principal comes in to tell them they have a very important exam (maybe for a college scholarship?), with the top 5 getting something. The boys manage to find the answers and write them in braille and then they pretend to scratch themselves during the exam while they’re in fact reading the answers. They then all get A+ plus the nerd of the class, who suspects they cheated but cannot prove anything. The nerd was the dead guy found by the river.

Thats all I remember from the movie, I’ve only watch the beginning and I’d really like to know the end! Plz help 🙂

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