80’s (possibly 90’s) movie

I think this film was from mid-late 80’s, possibly early 90’s.

A city guy is travelling, he winds up getting in an accident in the country. He’s hurt (I think) and a local farmer finds him and takes him in. This part I might be mistaken about…it’s possible he’s not hurt, but the farmer lets him stay there while his car is being repaired. Either way, he stays with the farmer.

He falls for a girl on the farm, I think it was the farmer’s daughter. They sleep together, but eventually he goes back to his life in the city.
Farmer’s daughter finds out she’s pregnant and goes to find city guy, but when she does she see’s that he’s married/with another woman. She leaves without ever telling him

She winds up dying, I believe while giving birth.

Years later he finds out about it all – I think he goes back to the farm or something and see’s the boy.

Sorry that’s all I remember. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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