Black and White film set on a cruise-ship with a “living” ventriloquist dummy

I remember this one from being about 6 years old. I watched it on my 12″ Black and White TV and, for some reason, recorded the audio on a cassette! All I remember is it was set on a large cruise-ship and a ventriloquist had a dummy (similar to Lord Charles, if you remember Ray Allen’s act) who was often in a  suitcase and was (at least to some extent) alive. I seem to remember the film was quite light-hearted, and that we were to believe that the dummy was indeed alive rather than think the ventriloquist had a mental-illness. The film must have been made between the 1930s and 1950s and was black and white and English language (British or American, not sure). I also have a very vague memory of a blustery, British, brigadier type character with a big grey/white moustache. Various searches over the years have yielded nothing but I am not sure I ever knew what this film was called. Any idea?

3 thoughts on “Black and White film set on a cruise-ship with a “living” ventriloquist dummy

  1. MST3K made an episode based around “Devil Doll,” but that one wasn’t set on a cruise ship, iirc.

  2. Yeah, Devil Doll was one I came up with whilst trying to find the right film. It definitely isn’t the one I’ve been looking for.

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