7 thoughts on “Ben 10 omniverse

  1. Which website do you think you’re on? The domain name is “irememberthismovie”. If you’re looking for an episode of a tv series then could you please find a more appropriate forum?

    You know what show it was from – surely there are better places to hunt for your answer. If not, then there are only a few hundred episodes to check for yourself (versus a few hundred thousand movies that people are looking for here).

    No offence intended, but try to find a better place to ask these tv episode questions.

  2. Look, man. I am not in the mood for such rudeness. These past couple of months, I’ve been under a lot stress that somehow, I can’t seem to focus on everything nor do I have the time to do it so, I try to ask for help somehow. It’s bad enough during such time, I have suffered some losses in the family as well.

    Now, if you want to help, then, I would be most honoured if you answer my question. If not, then, good luck answering other questions on this site.

    Furthermore, if I were you, next time, I would think twice before giving out such a reply. Or at the very least, ask why before giving out such a reply like this.

      1. Speaking of questions, do you suppose you could find the answer to this question concerning Ben 10 when you have time perhaps?

  3. It’s OK, I’ve always allowed TV questions here. There may be a better place to ask, but I don’t know the address of one, or I’d refer Olivier there.

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