Baby cut from womb on halloween now adult solves mystery of parents

saw this last year on TV but can’t remember when nor if movie or tv mini-show. it was in color (within the past decade, i guess) & in english. details may be fuzzy but i think this is the gist…

it’s halloween & a pregnant couple is waiting for a few friends to arrive before they all go out. the friends arrive in costume, but one is concealed by a black mask & is silent. they assume it’s one of their friends but it’s not.

the masked man ends up killing everyone and also cuts out the baby from the mother’s womb.

the killer is caught & goes to jail.
the baby grows up and now as an adult, her & her husband moves back to the town and into the same house that she was “born” in.

i believe she opens an art store in town.
and i think she is harassed by the towns folk for some reason.
and the murder of her parents became legendary & the mask used in that slaying is now a halloween mask others wear.

eventually, she stumbles upon a secret area of the house where she finds video tapes that show her parents were swingers or that her mom had sex with other men whilst her dad recorded it.

turns out, the psycho that killed them & ripped her out is her biological father from one of those sex sessions.

i don’t recall what happened but the end has her & her husband leaving town.

now, like i said, details are fuzzy. i might even be mixing up parts from different shows or even just imagining some of it. and i can’t remember if this was an actual movie or tv series.
but it’s been driving me crazy seeing some of these scenes in my head & not being able to place them.

does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

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