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North African movie about man who takes revenge on doctor

1980s-1990s colour movie, possibly Algerian/French or Tunisian/French or Moroccan/French movie.

A (foreign?) doctor lives in a small town in the desert.

A man goes to the doctor’s house late at night to ask for help for his sick daughter. The doctor refuses to help because it’s too late at night and says he’ll check her the next day. The daughter gets sicker and dies during the night.

Later the doctor needs help to get to another town across the desert. The girl’s father says he will take him. Instead of going to the destination, the man takes revenge by leading the doctor deeper and deeper into the desert, knowing they will both die.

Wife Dies and Comes Back as Ghost

Asian movie 1990’s-2010’s – possibly Thai.

Guy lives with his wife (and maybe kids – can’t remember) but everyone shuns them. He doesn’t know why everyone is avoiding them.

In the end, it turns out his wife had died and came back as a ghost to look after him. The neighbours could see it but he couldn’t (until the end). Very moving story.

Movie character interacts with the movie’s script writer

Scandinavian/northern European/Dutch movie 1990’s-2010’s.

A writer is writing a script that the main movie character acts out. The scripts get more outrageous and the main character gets pissed off at having to act them out.

At one point, the character walks in on the script writer, who is sitting at a table writing the script, and asks him to take it easy with the antics in the story.

Japanese(?) Comedy

Japanese (or possibly other Asian) comedy – from 1990’s I think.

Family lives in small house. Grandfather (or some elderly relative) comes to live with them. House too small so they dig up basement to accommodate him.

Hilarious antics. Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much watching a movie!

Only remember last scene

American movie… early 1970’s

Last scene: Two or three people in a van or 4wd on the highway. They’ve committed some crime and think they’ve gotten away with it. They get stopped by a highway patrolman on a motorbike. He just checks the driver’s licence then lets them go on their way.

They start driving away but the patrolman starts following them on the motorbike. He is waving to them. It turns out he accidentally forgot to give the driver back his licence and just wants to return it.

The crims think he’s onto them. One of them goes into the back of the van, rolls down the window at the back, then blasts the patrolman with a shotgun, Patrolman falls off the motorbike in slow motion. then the credits roll.