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LMN 90s or Early 2000s

Very vague but I know you have some of the best researchers out there. I’ve looked for years and the LMN listings have proved hopeless.

What I remember of this movie was a group of women, in their 40s or 50s, all going on vacation together to some beach side place. Anyways, one of the women in particular sleeps with the pizza delivery boy. Needless to say all of these women basically have flings, or release their inhibitions. It wasn’t a comedy, more like a drama, maybe even a suspense film because I might be wrong but I think one of them ends up missing. This film I saw on the lifetime channel back in theย  2000s, so might’ve been a 90s film.

Many thanks and Jesus bless you all and Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ˜Š

90s or Early 2000s

This man begins this online romance with this woman, who is basically faceless throughout most of the film. He arranges a date with her, but doesn’t show up; may have been some online meeting, even though she decorates her home & makes dinner as if he’d actually be there (she’s crazy). I think he was a cop. Anyways, she goes nuts and meets up with this asian guy she met online, makes love to him, but has him tied up and gagged. Needless to say she murders him with a knife or ice pick while making love to him. The movie goes on for some time after that scene, I don’t remember all of the particulars but eventually the cop finds out where she lives and ends up killing her or arresting her. It’s been maybe a decade or more since I’ve last seen the movie, any help would be appreciated. Many thanks and Jesus bless you and Merry Christmas.

Might Have Been a TV Show or TV Movie

I must’ve been 4-5 years old at the time, and I’m going to be 34 in a month, lol, when I saw this on television at my aunt’s house so a year of 1989-1990 (plus or minus 1 or 2 years) should be kept in mind.

There was a boy, who looked something like Fred Savage or Ben Savage though I don’t think it was either one— and either he was hit by a bus or entered through a bus and came out the other side into a magical alternate world. This bus, I think, had a rainbow logo on it.

Anyways, he encounters a ogre-like creature in a woods, or encampment, but it turns out the ogre was really a man wearing this giant puppet head pretending to be a monster.

Apparently this man, who strangely enough looked like the boys father in the real world, was a king who was in hiding— if he was ever discovered he’d be murdered by his enemies.

Needless to say this boy becomes the hero in this world, but the king is mortally wounded and the boy is crying, begging him not to die, when suddenly the boy is back in the real world and reunites with his dad who was looking for him.

I’ve searched for years, used multiple combinations of words, etc without success. Some people have even mocked me saying I’ve either dreamed it or it’s a mix of different shows and I’ve blended them together in my mind. But I know I seen it.

You guys were so good at figuring out my vague description of “Night of the Hunter”, that I figure this would probably be my only hope of ever finding it again.

For all I know it may have been a foreign show or foreign film reaired in America, because there was a lot of shows/movies from Canada & elsewhere constantly being put on tv tv back then.

Thanks for the time and help. Jesus bless you all ๐Ÿ˜Š

Might Have Been a Lifetime Movie

Years ago, either late 90s or early 2000s, was at my grandma’s watching the Encore channels (ie, Westerns, Drama, etc) and there was this film that basically was about these kids living in rural America in the 1950s or earlier, because it looked depicted in the South because of the stately homes & bayous.

Anyways, these kids had an uncle (white/grey bearded man) who was apparently upset that some deceased family member in their will gave everything to these kids. The climax of the film was the children trying to escape from their uncle, with the money, in a canoe type boat down the bayou but he follows them in his own canoe, and finally the little girl throws the money overboard into the swamp screaming, “Take the money!”, and the old man jumps out of his boat trying to snatch up all this cash but ends up drowning and dies.

The end of the film wasn’t long after that scene, and I guess it all ended on a good note and they had the estate to live in.