90s or Early 2000s

This man begins this online romance with this woman, who is basically faceless throughout most of the film. He arranges a date with her, but doesn’t show up; may have been some online meeting, even though she decorates her home & makes dinner as if he’d actually be there (she’s crazy). I think he was a cop. Anyways, she goes nuts and meets up with this asian guy she met online, makes love to him, but has him tied up and gagged. Needless to say she murders him with a knife or ice pick while making love to him. The movie goes on for some time after that scene, I don’t remember all of the particulars but eventually the cop finds out where she lives and ends up killing her or arresting her. It’s been maybe a decade or more since I’ve last seen the movie, any help would be appreciated. Many thanks and Jesus bless you and Merry Christmas.

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