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Help me find the movie

I’ve been looking for a very high-quality thriller for a long time, I don’t remember either the actors or the title. Plot: a man dies, the devil gets into his body and returns to the house to his wife, who suspects nothing. The soul of a man is also in the house, trying with all his might to protect his wife and make himself known. Gradually, the wife begins to feel something is wrong, then she understands the whole essence of what is happening, and now she needs to get rid of this guest and survive herself. Very exciting!!!!!

short sci-fi movie space station, simulation of aliens attack, a girl soldier hack a code and destroy station

Hello to all movie lovers!
I saw this movie 15 years ago.
Although the film may be older for example from the nineties.
I only remember one scene:
“A group of space marines wake up on the space station. Great hall, computer in the center.
It seems to them that they are being attacked by aliens.
They are scared.
Among them was a hacker girl. She hacks into the computer and launches the station’s self-destruct mechanism.
This is where the simulation ends. The doors open and their generals appears.
As it turned out, it was a military exercise!
But the timer is running, there are seconds left before the explosion … ”

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!