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Hi everyone,
I don’t remember this movie quite well but it is about a little girl living in a castle or a very big house. There is a psychologist who follows her and she is faking to be a psychopath, she is very intelligent and have read a lot of books. It is only at the end of the movie that the psychologist realizes the trickery.
Sorry if my english is not very good

Horror movie

I saw this movie back in the early 90’s. It is a horror movie I saw in the early morning one Christmas Eve. If it helps, it was on HBO I believe and the movie Witches came on right after. One of the scenes near the end of the movie showed a violent struggle between two characters. One character of African American descent had a small handheld electrical saw (it looked like a cast saw) taken to the back of his head and blood began to spew from his mouth. I believe the scene took place in an old hospital. Please help.