RC choppers Transform into robot

Does anyone remember a movie from the 80’s that starts with three rc choppers flying into a apartment were they transform into a robot to kill i think a japanese kid who is the Main character. Gadget packed action movie for Kids?

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  1. “Mad Mission 2”, also known as “Aces Go Places II”, also known as “Zui jia pai dang 2: Da xian shen tong”

    1. Good find casspir. I answered a post with this movie once, but never got a response. I haven’t ever seen it, but it looks very good.

  2. Hi Casspir,

    That’s the one, great find!
    Thank you very much!

    Do you maybe remember a similar 80’s movie or TV show that starts with small flying objects(helicopters or robots) which fly into an apartment. I remember the apartment was painted in those typical 80’s colours, bright red, yellow and blue.
    First I thought it was the intro of the kids action movie ‘lucky seven’ but when I watched it on YouTube this scene wasn’t in.

    Sorry I can’t give you more details because I only remember this short scene.

  3. Thanks, Livinghead.
    Admin and Phil77, no problem, and Phil, unfortunately, your other movie description doesn’t ring a bell. Sorry!

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