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Guy falls/gets pushed from window. Saved by flagpole between his legs.

One more for today because ya’ll are amazing and I’m excited to finally find all these movies that I can only remember fragments of.

I can only remember one scene from this movie, but I’m pretty sure it’s about a family that is a bit dysfunctional. If I recall correctly, a guy and his kids (maybe his wife too, but she might have either left or died. I don’t remember a wife) have to go stay with his father/the kid’s grandfather for some reason. I think the guy and his dad are either estranged or don’t have a very good relationship.

I saw it in the mid-late 90’s and I remember this guy fell out of the widow of an apartment. He might have been pushed, I can’t remember. He was saved by landing on a flag pole that was sticking out of the building…painful but better than death.

Pretty sure it was a comedy.

Three more movies I’d like to remember

I’m back with three more movies from my memory banks.

First Movie:

My sister and I saw part of this movie in 2004 while on a family vacation. It was late, we were in bed and we put the tv on while my mom was in the shower (dad was already asleep). We were flipping through channels and we stopped at this movie. Two men came home to a cabin (maybe back from hunting?) and there was a trail of blood leading from the front door, to one of the bedrooms. They followed the trail into the room and found more blood on the bed. Then, there was an attached bathroom and more blood leading into there. I think they argued over who was going to go into the bathroom. They both decided to go in together, and when they opened the door there was blood everywhere, and a man was sitting on the toilet, dead.

Then, my mom came out of the shower, saw what we were watching, and made us turn it off. So we never got to see the rest or find out what happened, and we never knew the name of the movie.


Second movie:

I never saw this movie, but I remember really wanting to. I know there was more than one…three, I believe. It was in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Literally all I know is that they were about a serial killer who takes his victims to a lake to kill them.  I remember there was a marathon on TV one day. My best friend lived next door, and I went over to see what she was doing. She said she was going to watch all three movies and I asked my mom if I could watch them with her and she said no. I was really disappointed about that. We moved a few years later, and I lost touch with that friend, or I’d ask her if she remembered the movies. [Solved: Cabin by the Lake]


Third movie:

This one is really vague, so I apologize. I watched it on Netflix a few years ago. I think it was basically about how kids in the 70’s were kind of neglected? Or maybe that’s what the narrating character suggested? It was set in the 70’s, and I remember there was the family of the kid that narrated it (I’m pretty sure he/she narrated it) and I think he/she was the second oldest and the two older kids got stuck watching the younger two all the time.

At some point, the parents have a key party, and all the kids are banished to the upstairs. I’m pretty sure some of the other people that came to the party also brought their kids, and they had a sleepover. Something happens to one of the kids while the party is going on…I wanna say someone broke their arm from falling off the roof or something. I’m sorry it’s so vague, it’s really bothering me though because I remember watching it, but I don’t remember much about it.

2 movies I’m trying to find

I hope it’s ok that I ask about two movies in the same post. I was pretty excited to find this site because I have so many forgotten movies I’ve been trying to remember.

First Movie:

I would have seen this in the early to mid-90’s – 1995 at the latest.

A young girl is sent to live in what I remember to be castle. She’s not supposed to leave her room, but one night she sneaks out when she hears the sound of crying, echoing through the halls. She follows the sounds and finds another child (a boy) in another room.

I never saw the rest of the movie so I’m not sure what happens with them.


Second Movie:

I saw this between 2000 and 2003 on TV during the day.

There’s an artist who was hired to paint a mural for this rich woman. The rich woman becomes obsessed with the artist and wants her to move into her mansion. I think she starts buying the artist expensive gifts and clothes. She gives her a makeover at some point, if I recall correctly. Eventually, the artist finds out that she looks just like the rich woman’s daughter who died and she only hired her because of that. The plan was to get her to her house by hiring her to paint, and eventually convincing her to become her daughter.

Girl finds out she was kidnapped as a child

I saw this movie about 15 years ago on TV when I stayed home sick from school one day. It was about a girl who was kidnapped by a couple who raised her as their own child. I don’t remember how, but when she was in college she somehow found out that she had been kidnapped. She does her own investigation, and finds her real family.

The thing that stands out to me most is that she had red hair, and when she meets her real family, they all have red hair too, even the mom and dad.