2 movies I’m trying to find

I hope it’s ok that I ask about two movies in the same post. I was pretty excited to find this site because I have so many forgotten movies I’ve been trying to remember.

First Movie:

I would have seen this in the early to mid-90’s – 1995 at the latest.

A young girl is sent to live in what I remember to be castle. She’s not supposed to leave her room, but one night she sneaks out when she hears the sound of crying, echoing through the halls. She follows the sounds and finds another child (a boy) in another room.

I never saw the rest of the movie so I’m not sure what happens with them.


Second Movie:

I saw this between 2000 and 2003 on TV during the day.

There’s an artist who was hired to paint a mural for this rich woman. The rich woman becomes obsessed with the artist and wants her to move into her mansion. I think she starts buying the artist expensive gifts and clothes. She gives her a makeover at some point, if I recall correctly. Eventually, the artist finds out that she looks just like the rich woman’s daughter who died and she only hired her because of that. The plan was to get her to her house by hiring her to paint, and eventually convincing her to become her daughter.

4 thoughts on “2 movies I’m trying to find

  1. The first film sounds like The Secret Garden (1994)

    Here’s a clip. I couldn’t find where she’s leaving the room, but here’s where she reaches the room.

  2. Holy Cow! You guys are FAST!!

    These are both correct! I could kiss you both!

    I have a few more to post when I get the chance to type them all out.

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