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Post-WW2 Movie About Clothes Designer With Lost Song Online


There is currently an search online to find more info about this lost song:

During the search, two people claimed they heard this song in a movie.
One person who claims to have watched this movie in 2008 described it as post-WW2 American movie that focused on the life of people after the war.

Main character is a woman who is a clothes designer and in one scene she was scolded by the supervisor of the dressmaking shop she works at.

Does anyone recall ever watching a movie that sounds as described and has a song that I posted link of?

American Movie (I Think?) With Japanese Villain Who Commits Seppuku

I watched it on TV many years ago, and the only thing I remember is that it had a Japanese villain who committed seppuku in front of his master after failing, pretty sure the movie involved about some important item, the main protagonist was a white guy, the movie also had a diving scene where the protagonist and a leading female character were diving together.

Asian Movie (Japanese?) With Guy Who Works As Rickshaw Driver And Fights Americans

Hello. I need help remembering one movie I watched long time ago but not from start. All I remember is that it was Asian movie, the main character worked as rickshaw driver and he somehow got into fight with Americans. I know in one scene he made deal to be a punching bag on training to one of them. Can’t remember much of plot details. I do think that he kills one of them at the end by using strangling him with chain but if I got that wrong, please forgive me as I don’t remember much of it. Please help me find this movie again.