80’s horror movie with the villain from Dune

This is a movie that was featured in ‘In Search of Darkness part II’ and it’s a horror movie where the villain from Dune, the 1984 version…or rather the actor who played that villain, who plays a man who is obsessed with his chainsaw.

7 thoughts on “80’s horror movie with the villain from Dune

      1. I’m not sure if your mean “yep, that’s the movie” or “yep, I’ll report back when I confirm it.”

        1. That means ‘that is exactly the movie I was talking about’, of course by the ‘villain from Dune 1984’, I was referring to Beast Rabbin’s actor who is in the movie. And yes, Pieces is the movie.

          1. Oops! I actually thought I was responding to a comment on a different thread. I understood your “yep” (once I figured out the context.)

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