Short film about two guys in a car stuck at traffic lights

There was a series on channel 4 or 5 which showed various short films.  I managed to find one recently, it was called “The French Doors” so at least one of them made it to YouTube.  The one I remember is about two guys in a car talking.  They are stuck behind another car at a set of traffic lights.  They talk for a while, but no traffic comes along the road – I think that you can see for miles, it’s a desert in America/Australia?  Eventually, they get angry and one gets out to talk to the person in the car in front.  He discovers that the person driving is now a skeleton, the implication being that he died whilst waiting for the light to change.  Meantime, there is a bloke dressed as a chicken who is doing this stupid dance but when the guy discovers the body, the chicken just stands and stares at him.  It’s a long shot, I know, but I’d like to see the film again.

I saw it many years ago….”The French Doors” was made in 2002 according to YouTube and I would say that’s about the right time.


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