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Erotic film. 80…90s.

Erotic film. 80…90s.

Perhaps France or American.
Perhaps one of Emmanuelle films.
Only one scene.
Private erotic party. There are the guests around the table. They are men and women.
Some erotic action is on that table. Everybody watch that action.
But unexpected huge black-skin man catches a young woman. Somebody steps to him,
but black-skin man shows the knife and everybody step back.
Black-skin man slits the back of women’s jeans and begins to fack her in her ass.

horror film 1980…1990s years.

Horror film 1980…1990s. I think American.
The part of plot.
The Deamon (or Devil)drives to the specil place for meet The Tsar of Devils.
I remember some scenes.
Scene One.
The Demon drives the car. A Woman gets in his car. She takes care of her hairstyle
asks him over and over of her hairstyle. At some point The Demon take the scalp of her and
brought it to her eyes fnd said: Look it yourself!

Scene Two.
The Demon turned the Sculptor into abstract sculture. The sculpture cries at the exhibition.
And the tears rolls from its eyes.

Scene Three.
The Demon and The Man passed thru the mirror. Then The Demon came back and told to The Man: You shoud know
which side are you on. Then The Demon broke the mirror.

Scene Four. (perhaps from another film)
The Chief of Devils as goat of light is getting out from well but cannot do it.

American horror film 1980…1990s years.

American horror film 1980…1990s years.
I remember only some scenes.
The little girl (I will call her The Girl) has to be a wife of deamon. She is living with her father or uncle
(I will call him Uncle). And he knows about The Girl.
Seven boys are in psychiatric clinic like in a prison. They are The Girl’s bridegrooms.
Upon a time The Girl started her period. Seven boys kill their guard and escape.
Uncle knows about it and tries to hide the Girl.
But one bridegroom kidnapped The Girl for marry her.
I remember the scene.
Bridegroom and bride (The Girl) on a garbage dump and bride has a very long white bridal veil
of polyethylene.
But Uncle can stop this wedding.

American comedy

This film of end of 80s…beginning of 90s. The HERO is TV journalist. He wants to have children. His wife is lawyer and works in President election team. HERO meet another woman. She is a musician, plays violoncello. She get pregnant and he decides to devorce from his wife. HERO and his wife are in restorant and his wife says him, that she is pregnant too. And the HERO does not devorce from his wife, but marries the woman musician. Two wives of HERO meet in hospital before childbirth. They decides to devorce from HERO and do not show him their childrens. But happy end. The musician wife is plaing in the orchestra, the lawer wife is judge. And the HERO is in the park and many children around him call him DADDY.

French film of teenagers

This film of end of 80s…beginning of 90s. I remember the final of that film. The young girl is looking for her boyfriend. She comes into the flat. A lot of teenagers sleep on the floor in that room. And her boyfriend is in another room with another girl. She falls down on the armchair and gets asleep. And one of teenager awakes. He sees the girl, comes to her and begins fuck her. The girl awakes and the film is over.