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Help me figure out the movie title

I saw a movie years ago on TV about a family where a man built his wife a glass house because she got the disease consumption and it was very contagious but he still wanted to be with her. He also delivered her meals through a little window in the house. I think they had a little girl as well. I just can’t for the life of me remember the name of the movie. Please help me out! It is driving me crazy!!

Male character is ghost writer for old female lady

I remember watching this movie about five to ten years ago. The main characters are two friends (one female, one male). I think they live very close to each other or even in the same building. The male I believe is an editor, but really he writes these romance books under a pseudonym. His publisher even has an old woman be the visual face and person of the novels. The female friend eventually finds out and helps him write his own book instead of just ghost writing these other ones. I think they end up together int he end.

Child is believed to have drowned, but mother says the body isn’t her son

I don’t remember if this was even the plot to the movie or not, but all I remember is that there’s a little boy who authorities fish out of a lake and when the mom goes to identify the body, she claims it isn’t him. It looks a lot like him but she says something isn’t right. They wouldn’t let her too close. I want to say that at some point she got ahold of the body and realized it was fake and that it was all a big cover up for something. Please help! I’ve tried to look it up with no luck.

Couples son dies, Brought him back to life/ NOT PET SEMETARY

Ok, I’m pretty sure it was an independent film. I believe I saw it, maybe, 5-6 years ago. Possibly a British film? A couple lives in a small village. They’re son dies, the village has a way to “bring him back to life for 1 year” to help their grieving process. There’s 2 rules;

1) it has to be under a year since the loved ones death to bring them back.

2) after 1 year of the loved one being back, you have to send them back whether they’re ready or not.

In this movie, the family lies and says it’s been under 1 year since their son has died. It’s been a year and 1 day. He comes back as something evil of course.

The village has a “social worker” of some type that weekly questions the boy to make sure nothing evil has come back from the dead with him.

Animals and people start dying bc obviously the boy, wasn’t actually the boy. The “social worker” notices and the boy ends up killing her to hide his secret.

In the end, they find away to send the “boy” back to wherever the evil spirit within him came from.

Devil red eye man

Okay so there is a movie I saw my dad watching one time probably back in the early 2000. It was in color. I snuck in the living room while my parents were watching it because it was a scary movie and they didn’t want me to see it. Anyways the only part I can remember is there was this man sitting in a chair in a living room area that had a fireplace. Has face was facing the fire when a person/ woman or little boy comes into the room and starts taking trying to get the man’s attention. As the camera pans back to the man it shows his face and he has bright blood red eyes. And then I think there was some suspenseful music. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I have wondered for years what it was and it was so scary but I would love to watch it! And my mom and dad don’t remember.