Couples son dies, Brought him back to life/ NOT PET SEMETARY

Ok, I’m pretty sure it was an independent film. I believe I saw it, maybe, 5-6 years ago. Possibly a British film? A couple lives in a small village. They’re son dies, the village has a way to “bring him back to life for 1 year” to help their grieving process. There’s 2 rules;

1) it has to be under a year since the loved ones death to bring them back.

2) after 1 year of the loved one being back, you have to send them back whether they’re ready or not.

In this movie, the family lies and says it’s been under 1 year since their son has died. It’s been a year and 1 day. He comes back as something evil of course.

The village has a “social worker” of some type that weekly questions the boy to make sure nothing evil has come back from the dead with him.

Animals and people start dying bc obviously the boy, wasn’t actually the boy. The “social worker” notices and the boy ends up killing her to hide his secret.

In the end, they find away to send the “boy” back to wherever the evil spirit within him came from.

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