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I help people identify movies they enjoyed, because sometimes I need help remembering the title of a movie I've seen.

It was a pretty shitty stoner movie

So I saw this movie about 2010 not sure what year it came out. It was a stoner movie and the guys pretty much just smoke weed the whole time. It was just the right kind of shitty though. I thought it was hilarious.

Main things I remember are they stay inside for most if not all of the movie smoking weed and talking. They have some girls come over  for some reason and a club promoter that was an asshole. To get rid of the asshole one of the guys who was into nazis I think.. He smokes a lot and just rips the guy a new asshole. Would love to watch it again but couldn’t remember anything specific enough to google.

Woman having sex plays tape of her moaning.

Maybe one of you can help with this film I saw on HBO around 1982-1984.

Some fat guy who looked kind of like Dom DeLuise (as far as I can remember) was having sex with a bored looking woman. She had a cassette tape playing of her moaning, and looked really bored with the whole thing. After that, the guy stopped to get gas at a gas station, and the attendant asked if she gave him the moaning, quoting what had been on the tape. The guy asks if he was spying on them, and he says, “I didn’t have to. She has a tape and she only plays it for real losers.”

I’m pretty sure it might have been a raunchy comedy. I didn’t see anything like this in Dom DeLuise’s filmography.

In diner, group orders everything on one side of menu

Here’s another film I’ve been trying to place.

I saw this somewhere around 1983-1985, likely on HBO or Cinemax. All I remember is three or four guys in a diner, trying to decide what to eat. They keep adding items, then one of them says, “Just bring us everything on this side of the menu.”

Does anyone remember this film? I don’t recall if it was a comedy or a drama, or who might have been in it.

Comedy , Film festival with hammer smashing egg

I saw this film on HBO sometime around 1981-1983.

It involved a film festival, in which the audience watched numerous film shorts. During one scene, the emcee announced that the next film had taken three years to film. It then cut to a close-up of an egg. The music “Also sprach Zarathurstra” (the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey) may have been playing. Then, a hammer smashed the egg, and it was the end of the film short.

Does anyone know what this film was?

’80s or ’90s film, entire family arrested while arguing in street, neighbors cheer

I saw this movie on either HBO or Showtime somewhere between 1989-1994.

Lead character in his late teens—possibly Matt or Kevin Dillon—lived in an apartment in a big city in what I think was a mostly Italian neighborhood. He was sitting in a chair reading a book or magazine, when he heard arguing in the street. He looked out the window and saw his parents were fighting (possibly violently). A crowd of neighbors had gathered around them, cheering them on. He went down to try to stop them and break up the fight. Just then, the police arrived and stuffed all three of them into police cars and drove them away as their neighbors cheered.

This is the only scene that stands out. It *might* be the Kevin Dillon movie “No Big Deal.” I posted this question a few years ago on IMDB and didn’t get any response, even on the page for that movie.

Does anyone else remember this film?