’80s or ’90s film, entire family arrested while arguing in street, neighbors cheer

I saw this movie on either HBO or Showtime somewhere between 1989-1994.

Lead character in his late teens—possibly Matt or Kevin Dillon—lived in an apartment in a big city in what I think was a mostly Italian neighborhood. He was sitting in a chair reading a book or magazine, when he heard arguing in the street. He looked out the window and saw his parents were fighting (possibly violently). A crowd of neighbors had gathered around them, cheering them on. He went down to try to stop them and break up the fight. Just then, the police arrived and stuffed all three of them into police cars and drove them away as their neighbors cheered.

This is the only scene that stands out. It *might* be the Kevin Dillon movie “No Big Deal.” I posted this question a few years ago on IMDB and didn’t get any response, even on the page for that movie.

Does anyone else remember this film?



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