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Movie about single mom with a young girl who cries and is always bad

Watched this within the last year or so but could be a film from within the past 5 years; might be an independent film as I watch many of them.

I remember these scenes: 1. the mom sits in the parking lot of a store and waits for a woman to get out of her car and go into the store, then the mom opens the door and leaves the little girl in the car and shuts the door and watches the woman come back to the car and drive away.   2.  The mom has to go to work and asks the babysitter to watch the kid and she says something like “this is the last time,  your kid hurt my kid last time”.   3.  Mom wants the little girl to take a bath and she’s crying and screaming NO so mom puts her in a bathing suit and makes her take a bath in a kiddie pool.  4. Mom gets a new boyfriend,  they are in the bathroom with the girl taking a bath,  boyfriend gets mad, smacks the mom and knocks her out,  mom wakes up,  boyfriend is gone,  little kid is still in the bathtub.