Recent psychological thriller/Drama/maybe horror as well

For the life of me I can’t remember the name of this film I just recently watched. Definitely from the last few years.  A woman takes her two kids to her dad’s house, she had a twin brother that died, she swears she heard her dad abusing her brother (or mom?) through the vents in the house in her dad’s office, I think (?), he says there was no vent in there. Reveal at the end she pulls away the wallpaper (or drywall?)  and the vent had been covered up by the dad.  Random memories of it – Deals with mental illness, mom gets admitted to a mental hospital, daughter takes her pills at one point being rebellious saying something like “I’ll never be like you”, the kid finds her grandfathers tape recorder and listens to the tapes every now and then (I believe they are just talking, not music).

8 thoughts on “Recent psychological thriller/Drama/maybe horror as well

    1. Thanks, but it’s not the Pact. I actually loved The Pact! That one, the twist is that her father was living in the walls of the house the whole time.

  1. Are you sure it was a movie? That sounds very similar to a plot in the TV series “The Red Road.” Mike Farrel played the father/grandfather. The twin brother was (probably) schizophrenic and had made tapes of his family, and his sister was dealing with a lot of mental health issues (also possibly schizophrenia) as well as some substance abuse. Her teenage daughter was rebelling against having to “parent” her mother.
    This show is mostly known because Jason Momoa was on it.

    1. Interesting as we indeed watching this show within the last year! I’ll check out some scenes again and see if it’s it and let you know!

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