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Movie with werewolves

I remember watching this as a kid and it scared me a lot. Only scene that i remember from the movie is that one woman (werewolf but in human form) at the end of the movie comes to some bar or restaurant and orders meat but raw. That woman is possibly survivor when human though that they have won.

Also i vaguely remember that there has been some chase in woods.

Movie with ship stuck in space

There are two scenes that i remember from this movie that i watched as a kid.

In one scene, spaceship is stuck in space (i can’t recall if there is no fuel, or ship is broken in some way). But pilot is black women, and since ship cannot move, she is exposed to direct radiation from the nearby star. Since ship has no power, i think that she cannot exit her cockpit, so she just sits wait there waiting for something to happen. At one moment she discovers that her hair is starting to fall (due to radiation).

Second scene (if this is the same movie – might be that it is not) is when crew discovers some sort of big resupply station, goes all happy around it only to discover that station has giant hole in a middle and it is basically devoid of all life and useful items.

Horror movie with killer with a hook

I vaguely remember watching this as a kid, so maybe around 15-20 years ago. Had it rented on a VHS so movie actually might be older.

I remember couple of girls going in some house, where killer is taking them one by one, and i think he had a hook as a weapon.

Two scenes i remember is that one of the girls was taking a bath when killer attacked her, and other is there were some animated tasmanian-devil looking animal. It sounds very weird, it might be that my memory is polluted, but i am almost 100% sure that it was from the same movie. It might be that it was summoned somehow through girls play-around.