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Action movie with cyborgs

I remember just one scene in the movie, where police (or soldiers) are in the cover and a group of cyborgs are coming against them. Police chief or general shouts “Fire!” and they start shooting at the cyborgs. First, the cyborgs fall on the ground, but then they stand up and start shooting back.

  1. Probably it is a 90s movie.

Action movie, terrorists on cruise ship

I watched this movie about 10 years ago, it is probably 90s or early 2000s movie. It’s an action movie where I think terrorists come on a cruise ship with a boat (there was also a woman terrorist) and then attack. I think there was Steven Seagal in it, but I’m not sure. I remember a scene where Seagal (or any other protagonist) is in the kitchen (all cooks were shot) and throws a knife in one terrorist. I don’t think it is  Under Siege, because I think it was not a military ship.

Action movie in snowy mountains

I can barely remember the plot of movie, there were good and bad guys, bad guys were hunting and trying to kill good guys.. everything is happening in mountains in winter.. I remember a scene where the good guys were waiting for helicopter to help them, but the main bad guy killed the pilot and took helicopter, and when they thought they are saved, he tried to kill them.. it is probably 90s or early 2000s movie ..

Probably a crime movie

I slightly remember just the beggining of this movie, when some kids are playing and one kid falls into the hole and finds some bones and he becomes weird. And later in the movie, I think there is something with a bomb in the city.
It’s probably from 90s or early 2000s.

I can’t remember the title.. dead girl rolled in a carpet.

So, I watched this movie about 10 years ago, it should be 90s or early 2000 movie. It is in English language, probably an american  movie.
A woman gets a new coworker or something like that and soon she starts dreaming about him and one time she dreams about him carrying a rolled carpet with a dead girl in it. Next day she sees the same carpet in his car. She calls the police and they stop him, but the carpet hasn’t been used yet. I think this woman is single and she has a little daughter if I remember right.
Please help me, I really want to see this movie again.

Girl rolled in a carpet

  1. I remember just few things in the movie. A woman who has a little daughter, gets a new coworker(or something like that) and once dreams about him, carrying a dead girl rolled in a carpet. Next day, she sees the same carpet in his car and she calls the police, but the carpet has not been used yet. I saw this movie back in 2005, but probably it is from 90’s. It is american movie.