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Boy drowns, girl looking out attic window at moon

Hello, trying to find this movie for seems like over a decade now. Wondering if you could be of any help.


 The cover had a nighttime shot of a girl in the attic looking out a window at a moon. The main girl is younger, brown haired and well liked. There is a boy who has a crush on her and kisses her. He drowns the next day and there is a scene from underwater of him drowning. She is heartbroken when shes told, because she didnt treat him well. I want to say it takes place in the south, a lot of nighttime shots, moon is involved as well as the attic. I dont know if her room was in the attic or she just liked it. I want to say there was a funeral scene, but could be wrong. Ive tried Disney, Lifetime, IMDB keyword, google, etc. It is NOT Simon Birch, My Girl, or The Man in the Moon.

Movie where girl brushes off her crush and he drowns

The movie was in color, English language, probably saw it around 1998-2002 and the word “moon” or “moonlight” may have been in the title. Im almost certain i got it at a video rental store. I can almost see the cover in my memory. (Possibly a girl looking out an attic window at a moon?) The main actress was a young girl (8-14yrs?) and she had dark brown or black hair. There was a boy who was quiet that liked her, and wanted to kiss her or told her he liked her, and she turned him down. If i recall correctly she wasnt very nice about it either. A few scenes later the boy is at a lake and slips in and drowns. She proceeds to feel horrible and I think I remember a funeral scene as well. There was a camera angle from the boys perspective as he was drowning, as well.


I saw this movie on the late show in the late 50s – early 60s. French soldier captured by Germans and sent to work on a farm back in Germany. One prisoner takes advantage of the farmers daughter and escapes – daughter may have been sent to a camp. End of war protagonist returns to France where I believe he works in a family bakery. Nagging wife, hates his life and at the end of the movie is going back to the farm in Germany. Think it was dubbed in English but haven’t seen it in 50 years.