Boy drowns, girl looking out attic window at moon

Hello, trying to find this movie for seems like over a decade now. Wondering if you could be of any help.


 The cover had a nighttime shot of a girl in the attic looking out a window at a moon. The main girl is younger, brown haired and well liked. There is a boy who has a crush on her and kisses her. He drowns the next day and there is a scene from underwater of him drowning. She is heartbroken when shes told, because she didnt treat him well. I want to say it takes place in the south, a lot of nighttime shots, moon is involved as well as the attic. I dont know if her room was in the attic or she just liked it. I want to say there was a funeral scene, but could be wrong. Ive tried Disney, Lifetime, IMDB keyword, google, etc. It is NOT Simon Birch, My Girl, or The Man in the Moon.

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