Asian woman catching tiny jams (balls) while training blindfolded

The first scene I remember from the movie is when a young woman is walking down a narrow street, and she sees a man with a traditional Chinese hat cleaning the street in front of a shop. He had a tattoo and he was walking in her way, not letting her pass. Next scene that I remember is when the woman entered the store, was talking with an old lady while looking at a book (she was getting some flashbacks from the tattoo she saw). The last scene is when that same woman was on a rooftop, blindfolded and training. And older man, her master I suppose, was throwing little balls, like jams at her. The first few hit the wall, after that she started catching them. Then the man stopped, she removed the scarf that was on her eyes, and he told her Bravo, well done or something like that.

4 thoughts on “Asian woman catching tiny jams (balls) while training blindfolded

  1. This movie was from about 2009. I remember it was about a girl in a private school and in one scene she starts her period and jams the tampon dispenser. I also remember her class was supposedan to dissect chicks but she grew attached and stole hers. Any ideas? I feel like the girl’s name was Meriwether or Merideth or something like that.

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