Asian Movie, Rich Guy Propses to Poor Girl With Toy Plastic Ring

Hi I need some serious help to find this movie, I’ve been searching for YEARS and I think its due to this movie being in another language.

Its an asian movie (they dont speak english), a young rich guy somehow gets broiled up with some gangster looking guys who tried to kidnapped him, but he get saves by a young poor girl who has alot of family and an annoying mother who only cares about money, the girl lives in a poor settings. I think the mother was a stripper or something like that, The rich guy cant function as in he cant do simple things in life like cook, but the girl ends up teaching home how to do those simple things and taught him about life. At the end of the movie he proposes to the girl with one of those plastic toy rings you get in the arcade machines. Giving her that ring was a actually a reference to something that had happen earlier on in the film. The movie setting was old, it was probably very late 80’s, 90’s or early 2000’s. I think its either Thai, Taiwanese or Chinese. But who knows I was VERY young when I saw it like 9 and I’m 22 now ,so my memory maybe is a bit hazy, but the most important points is that sometime towards the end he proposed to her with a plastic arcade machine ring. The girl hair was shoulder length she was also different from her mother and humble, the rich guys wore suits, the mothers hair was in buns alot.

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