Asian film about hopping vampires

I cant remember if the film was originally chinese or korean, but it was about jiangshi (or kiangshi, kungshi, xiangshi, so many spelling varieties, but a hopping vampire/zombie monster). From what I can recall, it was mostly about a young boy jiangshi, but there were also two adult jiangshi, presumably his parents. There were taoist monks involved, and the young one got separated and found the main character, who for some reason started to protect the young jiangshi, as it seemed rather innocent when not under the control of the taoist.

The setting was kinda villagey, definitely not modern in any way. I watched it in 2005, but idk how old it was at that point.

Various vague scenes I remember:

  • a fight between the main character and the “mommy” jiangshi
  • the jiangshi were definitely blind and hated pee
  • a possible flashback of the young boy about a young girl?
  • …maybe a giant bell, like a bell tower?
  • a scene were the taoist monks were controlling the jiangshi. I could be wrong, but they seemed like the real villains.

Most of the movie seemed about showing that jiangshi weren’t all bad and interacting with the young jiangshi. I remember it being really cute. Sorry if that’s all extremely vague. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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