two teenage girls run away with boys?

I watched the movie on Netflix a long while ago maybe 2 years at the most but it’s no longer up I remember they had taken it down a while ago. There were 2 girls who grew up in kind of a poor area on the beach they were best friends and would “explore” around. they found a skating rink for skateboards and there was a bunch of teenage guys and one of the guys had a crush on one of the girls, he gave her his number and they left they also had mentioned they lived a couple hours away. The girl eventually takes one of their dads car and leaves to go stay with the boys and they would get in trouble constantly, staying in and out of this house for sale and setting people up to get money.

For some reason the word Bird rings in my head when I try to think of the title. But I know that’s not the full title if it’s even in it at all.

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