Artsy horror film late 80’s or early 90’s, set in revolutionary period

I swear the title was American Gothic, but the only one I can find with that title is MUCH newer. This was playing at a movie theater I worked at during the very late 80’s to early nineties. Called Greenway 3 in Houston. It only played independent and/or artsy movies, or ones that had won film festivals, things like that. Manon Of The Spring, Jean De Florette, etc.. Rivers Edge, etc etc… Things like that. The most mainstream movie they played while I worked there, was Dirty Dancing. That was pure hell, lol. Anyway I digress… This was a movie set in the 1700’s. Silly wigs, triangle hats, etc… It was more psychological. It was like someone was double crossed or wronged, and people were getting killed one by one, in fitting ways according to their “crimes”.  Lots of dark scenes and suspenseful. It seemed at the time, that there may have actually been something paranormal going on, and not just a killer making the rounds. Poetic justice I guess? Set in a large mansion of course, and there was one chubby older man who wore a gray wig, who was privy to the goings on, and scared he would be next for much of the movie. I really should have made it a point to sit and watch it, but being in my early 20’s I was a busy guy, hehe.

One thought on “Artsy horror film late 80’s or early 90’s, set in revolutionary period

  1. “The Sleep of Death” (1980)?
    A bit early timewise, but sounds similar and lots of silly wigs and tringle hats, LOL! You can watch the movie on YouTube.

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