I remember this movie. I swear it was claymation. The only scene I can remember is a man with a beard carrying a big back pack full of sticks.  He walks slowly around this castle planting the sticks in the ground. Then all at once, when he is done, they all transform into a stickman army and attack the castle. Any ideas?

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  1. “Jason and the Argonauts”(1963)?
    They were skeletons, not stick figures, and the villain did have a beard. He didn’t plant sticks, it was the teeth? of the Hydra, from which sprang the skeleton warriors. Maybe, it’s a stretch, but here is part of the scene.

  2. Nope, that is definitely not it. The guy was a big fat dwarf-like type with a big red or brown beard. HE was a Hagrid type guy and he had a huge backpack full of sticks. The whole thing was claymation. There was no live action at all.

    1. He planted a lot of sticks in a big circle around the castle so that it was surrounded. Planting the sticks was a big long scene.

      I remember thinking “What is this guy doing?” And I vaguely remember the people in the castle staring at him thinking the same thing. Because they could have shot him with arrows but they didn’t because the thought he was a crazy old man.

      When the sticks grew into stick people they were already sticking out of the ground and they branched out and formed arms and legs and mean faces. They were brown.

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