Arctic creature feature

I only got to see the first few minutes of this film.  It was on TV about 1978.  A visitor was being introduced to an arctic research station (or military base?) and they showed him a big metal door that could slide down across the entrance to protect the interior from blizzards. It was obvious that later in the film they were going to use that door try to keep the monster out, probably without success.

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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. It is not the 1951 Thing, but I see that there was a TV production with the same title in 1977, part of a series named “Creature Feature”, so that could be it. I wonder whether it is available anywhere to view.

    1. It was definitely in English, and I’m pretty sure it was American English. Of course it could have been dubbed, but it seemed like a regular Hollywood production. Not sure about the color, but it was a setting where color would not have contributed much.

  2. “Distant Early Warning” (1975 TV movie)?

    It takes place in the Arctic and involved aliens, but I’ve never seen it and it doesn’t appear to be availabble for viewing anywhere. I don’t think it ever had a release either. This was a feature length episode of the ABC Wide World of Mystery, I posted a link to the page below:

  3. That sounds like a good yarn, especially to have stuck in people’s minds if there has been no way to see it since 1975. Michael Parks made a lot of films memorable.

    Unfortunately since I only saw the first few minutes, I can’t be sure whether this is a candidate, but it’s not obvious how the sturdy metal door would have figured into that plot.

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