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I remember watching a DVD growing up in France in the early 2000s; it was an anthology of animated shorts. My memory of them is that they might not have been super children friendly – definitely somewhat bleak. I don’t know if they were Japanese or American & dubbed or French. I’d lean towards Japanese.

One of the shorts I remember involved a society that collectively decided to all take a pill that allowed them to read each other’s minds, thinking this would solve all of society’s problems or something. I distinctly remember a scene with a political speech in front of a crowd and then all the crowd being shown as taking this pill from a cup or glass.

What ended up happening is being able to read minds lead to everyone hating each other – there was a scene of a couple having a fight without speaking at the dinner table. So everyone had to start living alone and far away from others (as the mind reading only works within a certain range?).

The protagonist of the short is a foreigner travelling on a motorcycle who drives through this place and ends up hearing the story of what happened from a woman who is initially taken aback by the fact she can’t read his mind.


Another one of the shorts I remember less distinctly, but it definitely involved children in some way, and the ending was during a particularly harsh and snowy winter where food was scarce, we see a butcher’s truck or just a truck with meat cuts hanging from hooks inside, and it’s implied that the children were killed to be eaten?


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  1. These are episodes of a show of short stories, called Kino’s Journey. The episodes are:

    ‘A Tale of Feeding Off Others – I Want to Live’ (eating people episode)

    ‘Land of Visible Pain – I See You’ (mind reading episode)

    1. Thank you so much!!! This is absolutely it! You have no idea how much joy this has brought me and my siblings – being able to find again, it’s been nagging us for years!

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