Anime movie with women only space society

I originally saw this movie on the SciFi channel in I believe the late nineties. I miss read the TV guide and thought the name was bubble crisis but that was incorrect and even after googling off and on I could never find the name.

It is an anime the takes place in space/future. Women are the only gender in this society. There’s a scienc experiment /anomaly that a military crew are sent after to capture/destroy. The  experiment turns out to be the first male and the crew breaks into fractions one to save him, one destroy him.  After all the fights it ends in a Adam and Eve kinda situation.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

7 thoughts on “Anime movie with women only space society

    1. I’ve seen 2040 definitely not that. Animation style is closer more 80/70s so the original series has the right look. But I honestly don’t think the knight sabers/robot war was in it. Unless is was kinda an alternate universe ova or feature length. It played like a movie on sci-fi so either it was a film or a very short run spliced together.

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