Animated Movie: Shadow monster in a tower

I rented this movie from Blockbuster possibly early to mid 90s. In color and in English.

Roughly it involved a young guy travelling through the forest. The climax of the movie involves a conflict with a monster entirely composed of shadow in a stone tower. The shadow monster is projected on the round tower walls by possibly a big fire in the center. Somehow there is a plot involving rescuing a girl there as well.

Sorry for the vague descriptions, my memories are strongly visual but plot light unfortunately.

5 thoughts on “Animated Movie: Shadow monster in a tower

    1. Hmm watching a trailer I can see how one can think that, but this was definitely animated. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    1. The movie looks great, and I went ahead and found a way to watch it just to skim through the whole thing to check, However it’s not it unfortunately. It doesn’t have the same shadow monster at the end. Thank you tho!

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