Animated Christmas movie

I don’t remember much about that movie. I only saw it once in 2nd grade. All I know is that it was an animated musical movie that took place at Christmas.

It had a female talking mouse wearing glasses and red clothing who served as somewhat the narrator. It also featured a boy (probably an orphan) and his pet cat hiding in a train and also evading the police.

In one scene, a kind cloth merchant allowed them to hide in his clothing merchandise and give the police wrong directions as to where they went.

Later on, the mouse nearly became the cat’s next meal had the boy not been kind enough to allow her to live and let her go back into her hole.

And the one best scene I could easily remember was some kind of glowing light or spirit appearing out of nowhere that brought toys to life one night in a toy store in front of the boy and his cat and they started singing and dancing before resuming their positions. Then, when they found themselves surrounded by 3 unsavory characters, the toys came to life again and attacked the would-be aggressors, thus, saving and allowing the boy and his cat to escape.

The rest is blank.

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    1. Yes, that’s the one. Thanks.


      PS: See if you can help me with some previous unanswered posts of mine concerning The Emperor’s New School episode names, please.

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