An 18+ movie I’ve seen as a kid

When I was very young I watched a 18+ movie which I still keep thinking about from time to time since it was so unsettling and fucked up. It’s about 2 girl friends who start a new job at an office/company. Friend 2 makes friend 1 seduce an older guy who also works there while she tries to seduce a rich guy unsuccessfully. The rich boy actually takes a liking to friend 1 instead. He marries her and brings her into his dark world of joint incest with his sister and burning money. Friend 2 eventually kills the rich guy, there was a scene with (I think) a raven landing on his dead body, and ends up in prison where she gets married to a prison guard while friend 1 inherits all of the rich guy’s money ans lives a lavish life (not too sad he is dead as far as I can remember.) I think it could have been a 2000s movie and I’m 20 now, don’t remember how old I was when I saw it.

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